01/28/2021 20:45

Deploying Statiq to Azure Static Web App

Azure Static web apps is a preview feature from Microsoft used to host this blog. Learn how you can do the same with your own Statiq site.

Blog using Statiq - Getting Started

Statiq is a static code generator that is being used to generate the blog, learn how you can do the same.

Fun with Windows Terminal - Roaming Profiles

Custom terminal profiles can be lots of fun (and useful/practical too!) but it can be terribly limiting to have to redo all of the steps every time.

Fun with Windows Terminal - WSL / Kali

You cannot look at Windows Terminal without delving into WSL, Next up Kali - the security focused distro

Fun with Windows Terminal - WSL / Ubuntu

You cannot look at Windows Terminal without delving into WSL, First up Ubuntu

Fun with Windows Terminal - Getting Started

Windows terminal is the long overdue replacement enhancement of the terminal experience for Windows. Bringing to what is normally a very boring and often unfriendly experience a rich highly personalizable one.

Folding@home with the E13 Team, Windows Edition

Want to learn how to get started with Folding@home? Here are the steps for getting the client installed on Windows to get connected to the E13 Team.

Using Technology to stay connected

This truly is an unprecidented time in our lifetime, but instead of looking at how long the road is before us I'm looking at how technology is allowing us to live our lives in spite of the restrictions upon us.

Folding@home with the E13 Team

Want to do something to help? I know the feeling so I decided to find some way to contribute to this global effort. Folding@home is what I found, join the E13 Team to do your part.